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Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 Reviews

We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. Read All Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 reviews below. These Bio Complete 3 reviews are from actual Gundry MD customers.

Read All Bio Complete 3 Reviews

Katie Adams, on 09-20-2020
Life changing product

After taking Bio Complete 3 I had really good energy all through the day.

Alma Winberry, on 09-20-2020

Bio Complete is a good product because your confidence can be assured with the knowledge that the bases are covered when it comes to your body's needs in the digestive area. It's nice to know when you don't have to take three separate supplements to cover the issues with life's complicated system in the digestive arena. It's all working for you daily with this product.

Michael, on 09-18-2020
Positive and palpable changes!

While I saw benefit from using the Total Restore, I decided to try Bio Complete 3. I was surprised to get immediate benefit. Regularity and feeling lighter have become the norm which was not the case previously. I feel I have discovered a positive step with Bio Complete towards great gut health that even the best diet alone might not achieve. Its great to find a product that is essential to feeling good.

Clifford Mcinturff, on 09-18-2020
Excellent Product

With Bio Complete 3 I am more regular and with consistent firmer results.

Kelly, on 09-17-2020
Bio Complete 3

I started my journey with following Dr Gundry [...] and using Bio Complete. It has really helped me with repairing my gut and keeping my mindset on my new lifestyle and eating. I am feeling great and been taking it for three weeks.

Judith Weiss, on 09-17-2020
Helping me with digestion and bloating

I have just started using Bio Complete 3 and am experimenting with a diet. I ordered this because I am aware of the importance of probiotics and suspect that I have been deficient. I discovered that a friend has been taking it and has great confidence in Dr. Gundry. I am already enjoying some relief in the absence of stimulant laxatives.

Alex C., on 09-16-2020
Bio Complete 3

With the combination of my Grundry MD regimen; Bio complete 3 has enhanced my overall gut health!

Judy, on 09-16-2020
Very good improvement

I feel great! More energy during the day and no discomfort. I just feel healthier and get more done during the day! Will definitely continue with Bio Complete 3!

Gail, on 09-16-2020
so far so good

Bio Complete reduces my cravings for sweets which sorta shocked me! I wasn't expecting that! I was taking it just to increase my gut health! ...I feel great and feel that I am doing all I can to stay healthy! Love the product!

Marian, on 09-16-2020
Bio Complete 3

I had used it before, then ran out and didn't re-order. Have been using various other Dr. Gundry products and like them all... I just can't help it. Feel so good about them! I was noticing with a great deal of extra stress going on in my life that my stomach was a bit out of sorts. Decided to add back the Bio Complete 3... took about 3 days for me to start feeling much better and more calm, especially my stomach. So, here you have it. These are the best products I've ever used. Try some of the other ones too!

Jeff, on 09-16-2020
Bio Complete

Ive been on Bio Complete for just about 1 month, and I'm very happy with the results. I have more energy through the day and am actually loosing weight and inches from my midsection. I also enjoy much better digestion. I think it's a great value as well. I highly recommend this product!!

Amy Cieslak, on 07-24-2020
Substantial Benefit

I'm over-the-moon delighted with my results using Bio Complete 3. I've been taking it daily and I'm feeling so much better in my overall health. My digestive system is very pleased, to say the least. I guess my gut buddies are rewarding the rest of me by giving me more spunk & vitality throughout each day to stay on top of living my youthful life. Thank you for this excellent product!!!

Brenda Williams, on 07-24-2020

I have been taking the Bio Complete 3 for several weeks now, feeling a positive difference. Few days ago, I started taking the Bio Complete 3 in the mornings with my breakfast as well as drinking the Vital Reds. I feel this has greatly improved the impact on my gut since Vital Reds also contains Probiotics. I do not buy juices, so the Vital Reds does make a great juice drink and knowing it is working with my Bio Complete 3. I can submit another review on both products when I am further into the time frame of using both products. I do feel MUCH better.

Jrb5879, on 05-26-2021
Great Adjuster

This is hands down, without a doubt the best gut support supplement I have ever taken. I have been a regular user of Lectin Shield for a number of years which I rate highly. But, I had tended to use Lectin Shield on "as needed" basis taken before a meal with questionable ingredients. I take Bio Complete 3 daily. Frankly, it has been life changing. Any residual gut issues I still had after following Dr Gundry's diet advice for over 4 years now have evaporated. I take it about one hour after getting up and on an empty stomach. No acid reflux, no discomfort and the daily toilet visit is trouble free. My energy levels are like i am back in my 20's. I crave caffeine much less. Please keep this in stock. Will be taking long term.

Lynn Hoover, on 05-20-2020
Best Gut supplement available

I've tried a lot of different products but Bio Complete 3 is the BEST! The 2nd day after I started taking it I had no more bloating or gas and I go to the bathroom on a regular basis now, I just love it! Thank you Dr. Gundry for letting me feel normal again. I tell everyone about this!

Ben Schimm, on 05-19-2020
I feel great!

This product really started working right away! I definitely have enjoyed the results of Bio Complete 3. It has already made a significant difference in my health.

Joann B Surmik, on 04-07-2020

Love it, I used to have a lot of gas, bloating and belching, not now after taking the Bio Complete. Thanks bunches!

Margaret, on 04-06-2020
Overcoming constipation

I wasn't suffering any bloating or other gut problems. I started taking Dr Gundry's Bio Complete 3 simply because I read his article on the importance of a healthy gut. It made sense to me, and since taking it, I am way more energized and enjoy being out in my garden and with my horses. I think it's the energy that it has given me that would be the most important factor of taking Bio Complete 3.

Donna Powell, on 04-03-2020
Feeling great!

Dr Gundry. Thank you for this helpful product Bio Complete 3. It has been very fast in safeguarding my gut! I can take it every morning before breakfast for fast action. Such a product!!

Mike, on 04-29-2020
No More Cravings

It has been 3 weeks since I started using Bio Complete 3, I do not feel as bloated and my stomach in flatter than it has been in years.

Dao Pham, on 04-21-2020

It's almost one month I start taking Bio complete 3, the first thing I notice that it helped my bowels movement, I used to have minor constipation, now it’s gone! I believed that other thing will come after I get regular taking Bio Complete 3. Thank You Doctor Gundy

Carolyn Gallagher, on 04-11-2020

I am now reordering 3 more bottles of Bio Complete 3. I feel so much better and I have more energy...My gut seems to be so much better working now. Thank you so much Dr. Gundry.

Jc, on 04-10-2020
Ran Out!

I have only just begun taking Bio Complete 3 and so far I have had no issues. I feel like my gut is getting healthier each day. I have used many Gundry products: Red Juice, Green Juice and Proplant Complete Shake (Chocolate). I have truly enjoyed all the products that I have purchased from Gundry MD. I feel healthy, active and energized throughout my day.

Dee, on 03-05-2020
I have seen results

I have always had trouble with my system. I am so glad that I invested in Bio Complete 3. I am finally starting to feel normal again. The gremlins in my system have finally stopped talking to me üôÇ. Now I can make decisions to make the right choices that I have always wanted to make. Thank you

Petra, on 03-03-2020
Good product

i have been taking bio complete 3 for less than a month. yet I can feel its impact on my body digestion function [...] will keep this product as a part of my daily diet. thank you, always so grateful to find quality products.

John Pratt, on 03-29-2020

In less than a month’s time of taking Bio Complete 3, I'm noticing that I am trimmer, my digestion has improved, my bathroom visits are better/easier, my junk food cravings have diminished and I do have more energy!

Sherrie, on 03-26-2020
Working , even better with Vital Reds

I love it. I actually feel better than I thought I would. I would recommend Bio complete 3! we

Lynn Martinek, on 03-26-2020
Such A Great Product

I had been taking a Probiotic for several years that was recommended to me at my local store when I caught Dr. Gundry's online video. I thought his thinking made sense so I ordered a three bottle starter and within the first week I felt the difference. I can't imagine going back to the Probiotic I was taking, it is obvious that it's not enough. Bio Complete 3 really is complete I'm convinced that Dr. Grundry has gotten it right. It works. It really, really works!

Norma Uruchurtu, on 03-23-2020

Bio complete 3 is amazing. I feel so energetic [...] No more bloating. Dr Gundry you changed my life. I'm lectin free!!!

Erik, on 03-15-2020
Bio Complete 3

Outstanding product that truly matches Dr. Gundry’s claims. I have used several similar products with varying degrees of success. Bio Complete 3 is truly the best-of-breed product. I am so impressed that I am trying ProPlant Complete Shake, which is delicious when blended in a mixer. I have lost a few pounds as well after a few weeks of use and am down to my weight of 7 years ago.

Maggie F., on 03-11-2020

After years of digestive issues and irregularity, what a relief to find a product that really works! Bio Complete 3 is a game changer! Love it!

Sheri Sinnaeve, on 02-04-2020
Great product !!!

I have been taking Bio complete 3 for 2 weeks now and I can definitely say I feel better. I look forward to continuing with this product.

Virginia Copeland, on 02-03-2020

I have added the bio complete and we are cooking with Dr Gundry's recipies. The Bio Complete capsules actually smell yummy, and have reduced my stomach misery from my first capsule. It has only been two or three weeks and I feel much better!

Sharon Powers, on 02-29-2020
Feel better, look better

I love this product! I have only been taking Bio Complete 3 for a few weeks, but can see a huge difference in bowel movements, diminished bloating, and gas. I will definitely be getting more when I run out.

Holly Kubick, on 02-25-2020
Love Gundry Products

I began my Gundry life style eating with the prebiotic and occasional Lectin Shield. It worked pretty well. Since I have been using the Bio Complete to replace the powder, I have had excellent results. I do take a Lectin Shield when I cannot avoid non compliant foods. I find no intestinal distress and have maintained regularity.

Sheri, on 02-21-2020
Bio Complete 3

I take Bio Complete 3 with Vital Reds and Primal Plants every morning. I am 57 and my energy levels are great! I power through my workouts and my body feels amazing!

Kate Susong, on 02-18-2020

After three weeks of using Bio Complete 3, I have no more stomach discomfort, [...] more energy, and regular digestion. I'm amazed and grateful!

Gle, on 02-18-2020

The first day I have taken Bio Complete 3 I can tell the result immediately. I don't feel over fatigue, my stomach felt so much better digesting my meal. On a daily basis I feel more energetic and happier [...]

Josie Crosby, on 02-12-2020

I've had problems with constipation for years! I would go days without and now after using Bio Complete 3, I have daily (or every other day) bowel movements. I felt the difference almost immediately after taking these pills. This is something that I definitely will continue to use.

David Franks, on 02-11-2020

Jj, on 10-30-2020
Bio Complete 3/Lectin Shield AAHH

I've been taking Bio Complete 3 for several months and noticed so many positive results; clear skin, less water retention, regularity, better sleep, less overall fatigue, less joint pain, less cravings, etc. Then, I ran out. Oh, what a mistake. I miss this product every day and am so anxious to receive my order. I'm now on the subscription plan. Great stuff, well done Dr. Gundry!

Danusia Bulik, on 01-09-2020
Formule Progressive

Just opened my second bottle of Bio Complete 3 and I am feeling wonderful. I started noticing on my second day there was a difference... I have so much more energy and I don't know how to put into words but my gut feels awoke... it feels happy. Still waiting for my waist to start shrinking but Christmas may have had something to do with that lol. Back on track ;)

Terry, on 01-08-2020
Bio Complete 3

I trust Dr G's formulas have undergone extensive research and my own Dr recommends them. Bio Complete 3 combined with Lectin Shield have eliminated digestive pain and discomfort leading to feeling healthier and more energetic [...] Thank you Dr G!!

Vince Tejera, on 01-06-2020
My favorite product!! Dr Gundry Bio Complete 3

I take many of Gundry products including Peak Mobility, Total Restore, E-Balance, Plant-Omegas, & the fish oil advanced-Omega... 24 hr probiotics, - besides Bio Complete 3. Plus Vital Reds, Primal Plants, , & MCT Wellness! So, it's difficult to isolate any one particular "item", as the combination of ALL, have made me very much more alert, focused, and felling very good "all around" you might say! I would add that I'm comfortably "regular", most likely because of Bio Complete 3. Cheers, Vince

Kenhrubin, on 01-06-2020
Improved digestion and wellness

I've been taking Bio Complete 3 for about 2 months and have experienced much less intestinal discomfort after eating, less bloating, and more regular bowel movements.

Kah-Meng Louie, on 01-06-2020

Luciano, on 01-06-2020
A Great Product

Taking Bio Complete 3 has been a major reason for feeling good and totally confident in having my guts' health under control.

Diane Peters, on 01-31-2020
Love this

My digestion has been much better since I have been taking Bio Complete 3....I just feel better!!!

Grace E, on 01-28-2020
It works!

I'm a 70 year very old active lady, and I care about what I eat and how my body functions. Several weeks ago I started taking Bio Complete 3 and my body has reacted with great energy, really good digestion, and regularity. To me, I call it very 'normal'... in that, it's how I feel my body should be. Great product...that I plan to continue using daily.

Ange Arrington, on 01-24-2021
Bio Complete 3

Bio Complete 3 it's a good product, my husband has been using it, he's happy with what it does. I trust Dr Gundry's products, they do exactly what they suppose to do.

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Bio Complete FAQ

What Are The Main Ingredients In Gundry MD Bio Complete 3?

The main ingredients in Bio Complete 3 are:

How Does Bio Complete 3 Compare To Its Alternatives?

These days there are many probiotic supplements on the market. Unlike many of the alternatives, Bio Complete 3 employs prebiotics and postbiotics in addition to probiotics to help you achieve and maintain balance in your microbiome.1,2†*

Using prebiotics, postbiotics, and probiotics together may be Bio Complete 3’s key to supporting a balanced gut and a healthy gut lining. Probiotics introduce strains of beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics fuel probiotics, helping them thrive and grow. Postbiotics support a strong, healthy gut lining by boosting butyrate levels.3-5†*


Is Bio Complete 3 Good For Weight Loss?

By boosting your probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic levels with Bio Complete 3, you can enjoy increased energy and more control over unhealthy cravings. This can support you in achieving your weight loss goals.

Can I Trust The Quality Of Bio Complete 3?

Every formula of Bio Complete 3 is tested for quality at an independent lab. When you purchase Dr. Gundry’s Bio Complete 3 directly from the manufacturer website, you can trust that you’re getting an authentic, quality supplement.

What Is The Recommended Daily Dose Of Bio Complete 3?

Gundry MD recommends that you take two capsules of Bio Complete 3 twice per day, preferably before a meal. Consistency is key here. It’s recommended that you start a habit and take Bio Complete 3 every day on a consistent basis. For example, take two capsules before breakfast and again before dinner. That way, you can feel secure knowing that your gut is protected throughout the day.

Does It Come With A Guarantee If It Doesn't Work For Me?

Try to take Bio Complete 3 consistently for at least 30 days. If you don’t notice positive changes in your digestion or energy, you are covered by a 90-day refund policy. Simply contact the customer service team for a full refund of your purchase price.

*Every individual is unique. As such, your results may vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.