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Gundry MD Bio Complete 3™ Reviews

We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. Read All Gundry MD Bio Complete 3™ reviews below. These Bio Complete 3™ reviews are from actual Gundry MD customers.

Read All Bio Complete 3™ Reviews

Judy, on 03-24-2023
Looking hopeful

I have been taking Bio Complete 3 for three weeks and so far the results are promising although I havent noticed a drop in weight or belly fat. My digestion feels more settled and my energy levels are improving. I intend to complete my three-month course and then review my progress.

Lee, on 03-23-2023
Bio-3 Review

This product seems to be making a difference, but after only two weeks, I feel it is still too early to make a judgement call. So far, so good and some improvement noted. Definitely try it.

Lily, on 03-22-2023
Stopped after a year and came back

I took this for over a year and enjoyed it. My bloat was gone and over all felt healthier it. I stopped to try another one and had to come back because my hormonal acne is coming back. So all that time my skin was better because of bio complete 3.

Sandy, on 03-17-2023
Good product

Ordered several bottles through promotion and shared with family members. I've been taking for about a month now and noticed changes after the 1st week. My cravings for sweets has reduced significantly and regular bowel movements. I've recently added the 24 strain probiotic and taking it daily too.

Almita, on 03-16-2023
Bio Complete 3

I have been using this product for a about a month. So Far so good. It is not giving me any problems thus far. My concern is about leaky gut. This is the purpose for purchasing this product.

Linda, on 03-14-2023
C-Diff recovery

I was taking Vital Reds and the new capsules arrived as I finished VR's. I continue daily taking the capsules. I have two more capsules - bottles. I am sticking with a bland diet with protein, bananas, rice chex, no dairy, no sugar, and limit caffeine coffee to one in the morning or I get headaches. Any other coffee is decaf. Can eat avacodo, swt potato and a few white potatoes, asparagus but afraid of fruit and all the other vegetable I Love. I expect to add more foods as I continue your capsules. I do not eat fried foods i. e. French fries. Thank you

Mrmr, on 03-14-2023
Flatter stomach

In a couple of days, my stomach was flatter, and the pre-, pro, and post biotics were working wonders

Kim, on 03-14-2023

I don't get all bloated anymore but I'm only taking one a day so my husband can do it I can't afford it for both of us

George, on 03-09-2023
Better rest

Sleeping better at night and deeper rest For the past 6 weeks. Less gas experienced both starch and gastrointestinal

Jr, on 03-02-2023

I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now. It has definitely made me more regular but I've had some other effects. For the first couple of weeks my skin broke out ( one large pimple every few days, not mass breakouts). This seems to have settled. Is this normal when first using the product?

Jennie, on 03-01-2023

I was excited to try this product. It worked at first however is not as effective after a month. I am continuing to take this as I feel better than I did before.

Annie, on 02-28-2023
Good initial results

I have been taking the product for a week. Initial results: less bloating, cravings decrease, easier bowel and more energy. Last few days cravings are back. Will continue for 90 days to see full results.

Enforcer, on 02-28-2023
Short-term results

Only about halfway through the first bottle I can already tell things are flowing more smoothly with excellent BMs. In time I would expect more so I'm anxiously waiting I guess.

Barb, on 02-28-2023
Will buy again

I have been using the product for about 3 weeks now. I feel my digestion has improved and elimination has been more consistent. I have lost only a couple of pounds but will continue to use for the 3 month supply i have and hopefully see a few more pounds disappear.

Shulam, on 02-24-2023
2 Weeks into the usage of Bio Complete 3

I am unable to explain what is happening inside, but something is happening and no constipation since two weeks running, I am watching. I feel I am loosing weight as well. I will confirm this after the bottle is empty,

Pat, on 02-22-2023
Doesn't agree with my stomach

After trying 3 different times to take Bio Complete i throw up about an hour after taking. In 2012 I had about a foot of my small intestine removed so I would like to find something that would work. I'm a little afraid to try again because I dread throwing up.

Darryl, on 02-21-2023
Bio 3 good but for some reason I am gaining weight??

I take 2 pills in am and 2 every evening for over a month....I am feeling better but unfortunately I have been gaining weight?? Not sure why this is....thought if anything would help me lose some weight... not gain it? I am now hiking a mile a day to try to get this gut weight off...never been this bad before.....going to just do more walking. Hopefully that will bring things back in line.

Ann, on 02-21-2023
Happy to continue use.

I have taken Bio Complete 3 now for almost 3 weeks. I have experienced less bloating and will continue use in hopes of achieving even less. I do eat sweets, so will try to reduce my consumption to gain the most benefit from this product.

Bettie Davis, on 02-21-2023
I am enjoying the Bio Complete 3 product. My gut feels good

I started this product around mid January. I noticed a lot less bloating within one week. I've also dropped about seven pounds. I was at 212 pounds now at 204 wish alittle fluctuating. So I'm adding your chocolate shake. Ordered waiting for arrival, so far so good

Deb, on 02-20-2023
Feeling better with the first bottle.

After about a month I'm feeling better and I am more regular.

Sandi, on 02-16-2023
What is this

I have been taking the Bio 3 for 3 weeks now morning and evening. I am sleeping much better. I feel like I get into a deep sleep and wake up rested. I still have my sweet cravings.

Kate, on 02-16-2023
Bio Complete 3

I've only been taking it for a month, but I feel better and my diverticulitis seems much happier than it was before the Bio Complete 3. I am signed up for the subscription for this product and hope to continue to feel even better with time. I feel it's imperative to at least take it for 3 months before I can accurately evaluate its effectiveness.

Peggy Lussier, on 02-16-2023
Bio 3

I have not quite finished my first bottle of Bio 3. So I'm pretty new to it. I take it as directed 2 capsules twice a day. In the beginning it was working very well. It has now slowed down. But I feel good and don't have the bloating feeling as much. So I believe it's doing something. I also take other vitamins, collegen, turmeric, etc and don't know if any interferes with another.

Deborah Powers, on 02-15-2023
Bio Complete 3 and Me!

Hello, Ive been taking your product Bio Complete 3 for about 5 weeks now. It has improved my digestion and general feeling of wellness in my gut. I am so grateful for this, however I also began taking Apple Cidar Vinager as well. I think that between both of them, my gut is now happier than it has been in a long time! Thank you Dr Gundry for developing this product! Life is good again...

Janie Graffia, on 02-14-2023
Bio complete 3

I've been on this dor 2 months now, a lot of my bloating has slowed down. I'm trying to watch my lectins as well but it's vary hard. I have a much better bowel movement and sometimes twice a day which is great. I ordered a 3 month supply so plus I did one month before that, I know as time goes on I will really see the big benefits of this item. I'm so glad I found your site, I will be ordering your MCT wellness hopefully in two months.

Michael, on 02-14-2023
Feeling better than I expected

I've seen alot of different gimmicks on the internet but this one is legit. My wife and I have been talking Bio complete 3 for a month now and I myself have more energy. My joints are improving in mobility. I've lost a few pounds. I don't crave the junk food like I did. Over all I'm feeling better. Thank you Dr Grundy

Donald, on 02-14-2023
So Far So Good

I have only been using it for about 2 weeks now but it seems to be doing some good. The problem is I do have complications a 2.5 inch Diaphaticulitum which needs to be removed but until then acts up.

Brenda, on 02-14-2023
BIO Complete 3

I have been using Bio Complete 3 for 3 weeks now...not a long time but enough time to tell it is making a difference. I don't have near the stomach aches as I did and little to no bloating so far. I truly have noticed a difference up to this point and am excited to see how I feel as time goes on.

Harold, on 02-13-2023
Getting better

Started getting better within a week. Feeling so much better not having stomach cramps. Taking twice daily with a meal, easy to remember.

Bee, on 02-13-2023
Bio 3 Review

I found this product to be very helpful, I was afraid of what I thought it might do until I tried it. It has helped my pre and probiotics needs without upsetting my stomach. It makes using the restroom easier and I believe it helps me to sleep also.

Sherru, on 02-13-2023
Bio Complete 3

Im Feeling better everyday! Great product!

Claude, on 02-13-2023
Working well!

This product has been working well 4 me.... 2 1/2 months.

Guylaine, on 02-12-2023
First purchase

I feel good and even lost a few pounds. Too early for me to say that it is a success.

Deanna Kaech, on 02-11-2023
My digeation

Thank you for reaching out. I am having trouble remembering to take bio 3 before meals. My constipation is slightly better. I still have to us senna to get more relief. My energy is good.

Jayr, on 02-11-2023
1 Month in, so far, quite good.

I have been using for 5 weeks and it blends/works well with my natural body chemistry. Easy to take this quality product and I believe this product to be a positive self investment!

Jeff, on 02-11-2023
Desparate in Idaho

I've been having major problems with my number 2. I was having issues with diarrhea. Couldn't really leave the house most days. Started taking doctor Gundry's supplement almost 3 weeks ago and has improved greatly I'm back to a regular schedule and my poop has improved . I've also lost a little bit of weight not that I needed to , but over all I feel much better . Now to work on my diet. I'd love to give another update at over a month or two. Thank you doctor Gundry

Sally, on 02-10-2023
Feeling Healthy

I have been taking Bio Complete 3 for 1 month. It has taken the full month to see real results. I don't feel bloated, and have lost about 5 lbs. Energy level is good. I have not been eating sugar except what is naturally in fruit. My diet for the past 10 years has been mainly vegetables and fruits, but I struggled with maintaining healthy gut bacteria. Bio Complete 3 has helped to achieve and so far maintain those good gut bacteria.

Susan, on 02-08-2023
So far, Bio Complete 3 is very helpful!

I started using Bio Complete 3 two weeks ago. So far, it is very helpful in elimination. I have been telling others to try it too. Hopefully, over time, it will be as beneficial as Dr Gundry's Vital Reds. We all love the Reds and give them 5 stars...!!!

Odette Wells, on 02-08-2023
Feeling good

I have only just started my Bio 3 as it took a number of weeks to reach Australia. I am feeling a bit better. But I feel I need more time to really feel a difference and to give an honest review

Jane, on 02-08-2023
Good product

I transitioned from another probiotic to Bio Complete 3 a few weeks ago and, I don't know if its coincidental, I feel a bit more energetic and I have lost some body fat.

Rose, on 02-07-2023
So far so good.

I have been using this product for 1 week & a half. I have already lost 7 pounds. So far so good. I am pleased to see the scales go down instead of up. Hopefully it will be better the longer I take this product.

Patti, on 02-07-2023
Seems to be working!

Waited a couple of weeks to get my doctor's approval. I feel less bloated & more regular. I recommended it to a friend because I felt it was beneficial. She ordered it as well. I imagine I will most likely reorder in the near future.

Paul, on 02-07-2023
Bio complete

I've been taking bio complete three for about three weeks now have notice am sleeping much better and have more energy will continue to take and would recommend that people give them a try

Claudine, on 02-06-2023
Gundry MD -Bio Complete 3

I received the product 2 weeks ago, since I live in Canada. I and my spouse take 2 pills at lunch time. We prefer to take a small dose to see how we react to the product. So far so good. We expect to lose weight and have a better digestion. We are looking forward to see the results in the next three months.

X, on 02-05-2023
First Time Using Bio Complete 3

Currently, I am still using my first bottle of Bio Complete 3. I notice small results, but not enough to actually so "wow" just yet. I'm doing what I can to eliminate all my bad snacking habits, and I have decreased my portion sizes during lunch and/or dinner. Those two meals seem to be my biggest of the day. Breakfast is usually a much smaller meal to begin with for me, so I'm not to concerned with that. I am reserving judgement on your product, as I am just starting out, before making any recommendations if any.

Loretta, on 02-05-2023
So So

I feel a bit better but sometimes I get the awful gas and diarrhea. I am not as miserable as I was before.

Robert, on 02-04-2023
bio Complete 3

Before I started I was having a problem going to bathroom. I was using a stool softener and medimusal and an exlax when needed. I also had blotting. I am going to bathroom about every other day, but feel like I should have a better movement. I still am blotted. Hopefully I will do better with time.

Tina, on 02-04-2023
Bio Complete 3

I have to admit that at first I was not consistent in taking it twice a day, but now I am. At first I felt like I had to poop constantly. It's gotten better since I'm taking it more consistently. Not sure I feel much better, but maybe it takes more time.

Deborah, on 02-04-2023
too soon to tell

Since it took so long to ship and then to get to my PO Box, I've only been on the Bio Complete 3 for less than two weeks. I have noticed a change in my bowel movements, but that's about it, so far.

Adedayo, on 02-04-2023
Bio Complete3

I have been taking Bio Complete for 3 weeks now and feeling much better and regular with my bowel activities. I noticed that 4 capsules is too much for me..DoI really need 4 capsules?

Jerry, on 02-04-2023
My first month on Bio-Complete 3

I am nearing the end of my third week on BC3. On the positive side, I can say that my post dinner snack cravings have decreased somewhat. Still have them but no where near as much. I also feel a bit better every day. Easier bowel movements and feeling better than I did three weeks ago. I am 73 and newly retired (about nine months ago). Soon after I retired, I noticed that I "needed" a short afternoon nap. After taking BC3, I no longer need that nap! (I hate sleeping anyway…such a wast of time). What I am disappointed about is that I have not been able to lose any weight so far…not one pound. I am not overweight but it would not hurt to lose 15 lbs or so. I am 6'0" and I weigh 189. My goal is to get to 175. Hopefully I will see some progress toward that goal in the next six weeks or so.

Lorena, on 02-04-2023
Not sure

I don't know if a month counts but I don't see a lot of changes I Going to give this another month and see how I feel in look. I don't know if I would recommend it because I need to see results.

Bill, on 02-03-2023
Not as expected

I have been taking this for almost a month and honestly I cannot say I have seen much difference in my bathroom habits.

Dick, on 02-03-2023

Many of the claims of benefits have not been experienced. No real improvements noticed yet.

Jim, on 02-03-2023
Haven't lost no weight yet and none in the belly. Been takin

Haven't lost no weight yet. Also none in the belly. Take two pills on AM and two. Pills in PM. With 8 oz of water. I have already taken close to a full bottle have two bottles left. Hopefully if the pills work they should with the last two bottles. But so far can't tell no difference

Wanda, on 02-03-2023
Poor results

Hello. My results are not at all what I was hoping for. Bio 3 for a month. Still constipated; must take other things to help me. Do not feel any better. Have not lost 1 pound. I do drink 4-5 16oz bottles of water a day. Sometimes with lemon, but not every bottle. No changes in my diet, except to stop when I am no longer hungry. Usually two meals a day. Late breakfast consisting of eggs, meat and toast. Then supper around 6PM. I am 71 years of age, female, 5'1" tall, 175 pounds.

Jodie Peterson, on 02-03-2023
Bio 3

I've been taking the product for about a month and it is helping me. My BM's are more formed and my diahhera is less likely. I have UC and none of the prescriptions the GI doctors gave me have worked at all.,just made me feel lousy. Thank you

Michelle, on 02-03-2023
Corn allergy

The product would help more if it wasn't so hard to eat corn free. They put corn in just about everything but I will continue on taking the product to see if it will just take longer for me to have better results.

Kim, on 02-02-2023
bio complete 3

Feeling better longer i am taking bio complete 3;

Robrrty, on 02-02-2023
Total Restore

I have taken Total Restore for about 3 weeks now and have NOT noticed any difference in my weight or other bodily functions. I was expecting an improvement in overall bowel and stomach health but have experienced nothing. So far it has been a major disappointment, an certainly not worth the money!

Randy, on 02-02-2023
Bio Complete 3 Review

I started using this product about a month ago. Following the directions on the label, I took 4 pills every morning. After reading this email the other day, I started to take 2 in the morning and 2 with the evening meal. Not sure if I am getting any positive effects other than having an above average incident of flatulence. It seems my gas release is ten-fold from before using this supplement, and it feels uncontrollable. Not sure if there has been any other noticeable benefit yet that I can point to.

Joe, on 02-02-2023
Still trying to figure it out

Its hard to tell yet what the benefits for me have been. I started taking the Bio Complete at the same time as i began a low carb diet so while I am feeling lighter and less bloated, I can't verify the gains are due to Bio Complete.

Geoff Winkler, on 02-02-2023
Review of Bio Complter3

Pooping regular not much else hachanged Very pricey

Norma Sky, on 02-02-2023
A good product. I am glad I bought it.

I am not sure how I feel about reducing food cravings, but I do know that bowel movements have increased in a pleasant way. It could be addictive.

Callie, on 02-01-2023
Still Trying the Bio Complete

I have not achieved consistent good results on a daily basis. My digestive system has not acclimated to the Bio Complete. I do not have consistent bowel movements, still sometimes being constipated.

Edie Nelson, on 02-01-2023
Still waiting...

I've been taking this almost 4 weeks, never missed a day. I had expected better results by now. I do notice my bloating is a little less, but my weight is still the same. I haven't changed my diet (which is fairly healthy), however, I began getting around 20k steps a day about 2 weeks ago. I had expected more of a change in my energy level and weight, but so far, not so much.

Ann, on 02-01-2023
Expected Better

I'm not shedding the pounds I expected, especially when I increased activity by walking at least 10,000 steps/day and eating healthier food choices when I started this product. Am I to take just before I eat or while I'm eating? Whenever I've started a weight loss program by doing the above, the pounds fell off quickly. This is discouraging.

Liz B., on 02-01-2023
Bio complete 3

I have not been using it that long. Because I was looking for an other order to come. I have not had any problems and will continue but have not seen a difference. Thank you for the little up dates they are also helpful. Will let you know how it goes Liz B.

Karl Rolland, on 02-01-2023
Good experience

I've taken bio complete 3 in conjunction with the other products ordered and otc supplements. I feel almost immediate energy and function from vitamins and food intake. It's difficult to isolate effect

Adele, on 01-31-2023
Desperately trying to get my bowels moving daily!!!

I have extreme Constipation. If I do not take supplements, I do not have a bowel movement for days!! Bio Complete is slowly helping. Please also provide products for riding the body of parasites!!

Chad Boyce, on 01-31-2023
1 week improvement

Been using the product for just over a week, started to feel more full in the evening, better bowel movements, better sleep

Kim, on 01-30-2023
No cravings for sugary foods

I have always had a sweet tooth. However, with Biocomplete, I no longer have those cravings, my gut feels good and is functioning rather well. I'm not as hungry as I used to be either. Over all, I am happy with my choice to start this health journey.

Anita, on 01-30-2023
Bio complex improvement

I was hoping to lose weight, after three weeks still no weight loss. However, my gut health does seem improved

Adam, on 01-30-2023
Bio Complete 3

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, I didn't notice much the first few days. As time went on I have noticed a big improvement on how my bowls feel, my eating habits and my overall feeling.

Dr. Marcus, on 01-30-2023
Review of Biocomplete 3

Have been taking product several weeks now and have incorporated diet changes suggested by Dr. Gundry. Experience less GI bloating and improved sleep pattern with less night trips to bathroom. Anticipate will take months of continued changes to experience full effect.

Minyalee, on 01-30-2023
My gut is thankful for Bio Complete 3

I have been taking Bio Complete 3 for 24 days, so far, and my stomach issues are much improved. I have normal bowel movements and I do not run to the bathroom anymore. This alone has made me so satisfied. As for the scale, I'm not seeing much movement yet but, I am taking it one day at a time and am noticing my waist measurement has gone down about and inch and a half. I am giving this the full 30 days to mark my progress down and see whether it makes a difference on the scale. This Friday, February 3rd is my weigh and measure day ... fingers crossed that I have more than a couple pounds of loss and another inch or so off my waist measurement. As for now, I do believe that Bio Complete 3 is working for me. One thing as well, that is helping me, mentally, is that Gundry MD is checking in with me a couple times a week ... that has so much value to me. Thanks!

David Overmyer, on 01-30-2023
Seeing is Believing!

I am the last person to talk about my bathroom habits, but Bio Complete 3 has made my BM's look normal again. I have been using various pre & probiotics and I still had gas, bloating, and was flagellant. Bio- Complete has given me relief from the stomach discomfort I had for years. I was surprised when I was able to tell my wife that I really had relief from my digestive system distress. Thanks Dr. Gundry, your Bio-Complete has really helped me! This prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic formula has got me going like I did when I was in my 20's.

Laverne, on 01-29-2023

Since I have been taking this product for one month, I do feel Iike that it has made a difference in how my digestive system is feeling. I used to feel discomfort but no longer have that issue. Will continue to take product and hopefully see more changes in how I feel.

Alicia, on 01-29-2023
1st month

I have taken this product for approximately a month and a half. After the 1st bottle was gone, I told my husband that maybe he should try it. So, I'm into my 2nd month and he's at about 10 days, so far. I feel pretty good. I think there are subtle changes, but I can't really put my finger on it. I'm not really noticing weight loss, but I'm giving it more time. I haven't wanted a cup of coffee in the afternoons, and have switched that to an herbal tea instead. I do have 2 cups of coffee in the morning, though. That's about it, for now.

Sandra, on 01-29-2023
No changes!

I am about three weeks into first month. I bought it hoping to relieve bloating and constipation but it has not. I only weigh 118 pounds so weight was not an issue and has not changed. I can not see any benefits in taking this product, I feel it was a huge waste of money especially being a senior on a fixed income. I regret buying it.

Jamie, on 01-29-2023
BioComplete 3

I am 3 weeks into taking the product as directed. It is the first time I have taken a product that contains both prebiotics and probiotics. I m not noticing any significant difference on how I feel or my energy level. I am going to continue for two months before I decide whether or not to continue with the product.

Harry And Cindy, on 01-29-2023
Bio Complete 3

My wife and I are about half way through our second of six bottles and have not noticed any changes yet. We are fairly healthy people to begin with. My wife has been fighting some belly fat for some time and we were hoping this would help. We generally eat only two meals a day. She walks four miles 4-5 times a week. We have a three months supply so we're hoping, with time, we will see some results.

Melissa Dobek, on 01-29-2023
It's ok

I have not seen much of a Change in myself

Melissa Seelye, on 01-28-2023
Not seeing results

By the end of this week I will have be finishing my first bottle. I have not noticed any difference in my gut. I have one more bottle to take and am willing to wait and see if it will just take a little longer to see results, but as of right now haven't seen any.

Dotty W, on 01-28-2023
Bio Complete 3

I was taking probiotics with little improvement due to constant diarrhea. Bio complete 3 is an improvement.. still having some issues with bloating but diarrhea is 80% better.

John, on 01-28-2023
Good Start

Only been a week now, and I feel a difference. I"m looking forward to the weeks ahead to see how this biotics help. To early to comment more than that.

Russell, on 01-27-2023
Bio 3

So far so good still on the first bottle and I can tell a difference in BM Thanks

Heidi, on 01-27-2023
Weight hasn't changed

My weight has not changed. My teeth have I gotten worse. Not sure if it's retaliated.

Markp., on 01-27-2023
I do not see a change.

I have been taking Bio Complete for about a month. two in the morning and two before dinner. I have not seen any change in my digestive track. I also do not feel any different. I am going to finish the bottle but i think i will just go back to a multi vitamin.

Eileen Tilque, on 01-27-2023
A waste of money

I haven't noticed anything different. Not really sure what I'm supposed to be noticing that's different after taking the BioComplete 3,

Heidi, on 01-27-2023
Complete 3 , has been really good

I have colitis and this has helped me tremendously by controlling my bowl movements

Pam, on 01-27-2023
Complete 3

Digestion is good with regular twice a day bowel movements. Having no trouble with regular meals 3 times a day. Just need to remember to take them twice a day. No significant problems.

Cynthia, on 01-26-2023
Not sure

I started taking about 2 1/2 weeks ago, ever sence I started I've been constipated and more bloated. The only thing I do like is the energy these give me

Paul, on 01-26-2023
Good so far

I have only had Bio Complete 3 for a week and I tolerate well and feel fine. It is early days yet.

Bill, on 01-26-2023
Bio Complete 3

So far, I have been using this product for about 20 days. I am not sure it is working as I have actually gained some weight (about 4 lbs). I intend to continue to take the Bio Complete 3 as I do feel better in the afternoons!

Gary, on 01-26-2023
Bio Complete 3

After almost a month, I do feel that I have a little more energy. Digestion seems better. I have not lost any weight though, but remain optimistic and will continue for 90 days.

Ronald Mayernik, on 01-26-2023
No advantage to my health

No advantage to my health

Dianne, on 01-25-2023
Little bit of magic

I am so pleased with BioComplete3 I have it shipped to me in Queensland Australia. It has done wonders for my gut health - been a few months now and when I was waiting on my order to arrive after my initial 120 I noticed a difference not using it for 20 days. So I ordered 3 bottles to keep my digestive tract healthy. With a long history of previous problems I know this is helping immensely. Dianne Queensland

Laurie, on 01-25-2023
Bio-3 Complete Review

I have enjoyed this product. I have been living with bloatedness and queasiness for months along with constipation., sometimes not able to move my bowels for over a week. Since taking this product, I have small but daily bowel movements. My stomach looks flatter and I feel more comfortable. I have also changed my diet, so I am eating more protein, vegetables and supplementing with a natural fiber. The red powder complex is great. I add it to a 18-oz glass of water and daily drink it. It takes a little while to mix in, so I keep it at work and leave my glass on the desk with a straw. The flavor is delicious.

Sara, on 01-25-2023
No Change

After a month of taking Bio Complete 3 I feel no difference. My bowel movements are the same as before. My energy is the same. I'll try it for another month since I already have it…perhaps it will help my daughter more; she has several health issues that make constipation a lifelong problem.

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Bio Complete FAQ

What Are The Main Ingredients In Gundry MD Bio Complete 3™?

The main ingredients in Bio Complete 3™ are:

How Does Bio Complete 3™ Compare To Its Alternatives?

These days there are many probiotic supplements on the market. Unlike many of the alternatives, Bio Complete 3™ employs prebiotics and postbiotics in addition to probiotics to help you achieve and maintain balance in your microbiome.1,2†*

Using prebiotics, postbiotics, and probiotics together may be Bio Complete 3™'s key to supporting a balanced gut and a healthy gut lining. Probiotics introduce strains of beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics fuel probiotics, helping them thrive and grow. Postbiotics support a strong, healthy gut lining by boosting butyrate levels.3-5†*


Is Bio Complete 3™ Good For Weight Loss?

By boosting your probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic levels with Bio Complete 3™, you can enjoy increased energy and more control over unhealthy cravings. This can support you in achieving your weight loss goals.

Can I Trust The Quality Of Bio Complete 3™?

Every formula of Bio Complete 3™ is tested for quality at an independent lab. When you purchase Dr. Gundry’s Bio Complete 3™ directly from the manufacturer website, you can trust that you’re getting an authentic, quality supplement.

What Is The Recommended Daily Dose Of Bio Complete 3™?

Gundry MD recommends that you take two capsules of Bio Complete 3™ twice per day, preferably before a meal. Consistency is key here. It’s recommended that you start a habit and take Bio Complete 3™ every day on a consistent basis. For example, take two capsules before breakfast and again before dinner. That way, you can feel secure knowing that your gut is protected throughout the day.

Does It Come With A Guarantee If It Doesn't Work For Me?

Try to take Bio Complete 3™ consistently for at least 30 days. If you don’t notice positive changes in your digestion or energy, you are covered by a 90-day refund policy. Simply contact the customer service team for a full refund of your purchase price.

*Every individual is unique. As such, your results may vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Gundry MD Bio Complete 3™